Sara Dean

Join Sara Dean, transformation and accountability coach, and the host of The Shameless Mom Academy podcast for a candid conversation about the challenges and changes that come with the messy magic of motherhood.  Sara will share her own stories of perfectionism and anxiety, her ugly entrance into motherhood, and how her struggles have become the cornerstone of her success.

Sara will share how to:

  • Turn your struggles into strengths
  • Become a conscientious quitter
  • Spend more time living in your zone of genius
  • Implement simple routines to make everyday more positive, powerful, and purposeful

Bri Luginbill

Bri has a huge heart. She loves each and everyone person she meets and wants to help them, specifically in the realm of self-compassion and body image. She focuses on how self-compassion has helped her anxiety, depression and body image both before, during and after her journey into motherhood.

Bri has a podcast called Compassionately You, started in August 2018. She describes her podcast as a weekly dose of positivity, perseverance, and vulnerability. Exclusive interviews are hosted with those who want to share their personal journey or body image journey.

Bri will cover topics like:

  • Moms who struggle with anxiety and depression
  • Before and after having a child/children
  • The 3 components to self compassion
  • how to create your own 5-minute self-compassion routine