Leanne Kabat

Leanne Kabat hosts The 5 Seasons Life Podcast and is an author, speaker, and life fulfillment strategist who uses the transformative power of her 5 Seasons Strategy with two main groups: women who crave more out of life while being a fully connected mom, and emerging entrepreneurs who want to move from struggling to successful. Leanne created her 5 Seasons system after receiving a harrowing medical diagnosis in 2006 that gave her five years to live and she vowed to live fully and magnificently in every possible way. Over a decade later, she is thriving with her family in the Pacific NW, cherishing her three teens, and celebrating her huge life goal of visiting 50 countries.  Her second book, The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Business Brilliance will be published in the fall.

Sara Barco

Sara Barco is a Speaker, Author of her own training manual and workbook for Marketing and Sales Representatives and a passionate consultant in the areas of Business Relationship Marketing. She strongly believes that relationships, connections, experiences and how we bring color to our industries separate the great from growth or stagnancy. She has 12 years of Social Services experience prior to diving into the area of Marketing and Sales. She quickly realized that there are very self-serving training programs out there and very few opportunities to learn how to be TRUE to yourself and authentic in your mission while collaborating with others for the purpose of growth in more areas, no matter what that area is.

She currently lives with her family in Norton Shores, where she is a Wife and Mother of 2 children ages 10 and 18, two dogs, and a one-eyed bunny! She works hard to daily align her values of owning a business, family life, parenthood and friendships while striving to identify where she can wear her many hats, take the hats off, provide value in many roles and continue to fill her cup spiritually, mentally, and physically where she feels led.