2020 Keynote Speaker!

I am so excited to announce our keynote for Inspired Mama 2020!

Leanne Kabat hosts The 5 Seasons Life Podcast and is an author, speaker, and life fulfillment strategist who uses the transformative power of her 5 Seasons Strategy with two main groups: women who crave more out of life while being a fully connected mom, and emerging entrepreneurs who want to move from struggling to successful. Leanne created her 5 Seasons system after receiving a harrowing medical diagnosis in 2006 that gave her five years to live and she vowed to live fully and magnificently in every possible way. Over a decade later, she is thriving with her family in the Pacific NW, cherishing her three teens, and celebrating her huge life goal of visiting 50 countries.  Her second book, The 5 Seasons of Connection to Your Business Brilliance will be published in the fall.